Pool Openings:$250.00 Chemicals Included

Attached Spa or Water Feature Add $50.00

We take care of EVERYTHING, all you have to do is call to schedules and you will be swimming in days!!!

Pool Closings: $250.00 Chemicals Included

Attached Spa or Water Feature Add $50.00

Expert professional winterizing to insure that your pool is safe through the cold winter months and ready for the spring to come.

Weekly Maintenance:$65.00 a week Chemicals Included

Maintenance includes weekly water test, chemical balancing, water treatment, vacuum, brushing, emptying of baskets, and a complete system check. Only thing left for you to do is enjoy your pool.

Repair and Installation: Professional technicians are standing by to handle any and all of your service needs. From repairs, replacements, liners, salt conversion, and all other upgrades to your system our trained experts will go through all your options with you and complete the work fast so you can get back to swimming.

Island Pools

1 Fawn Hill Rd Killingworth CT 06419 US

(860) 391-2537